Why learn with Oyoun Academy?

Identify your organizational needs and build a training plan tailored to empower your employees and achieve your organizational goals.

A. In person instruction

  • Digital Marketing.
  • Fintech.
  • Design Thinking and Problem solving.
  • Innovation Strategies, Change facilitation and leadership (personal coaching, team and personal process development).

B. Online course work in the fields of

  • AI.
  • Data Science.
  • Fintech.
  • Marketing.

C. Webinars

Webinars and experience sharing with Industry Leaders.

Digital Transformation

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How it works

  • Webinar: Introduction to digital transformation: The What, Why and How of Digital transformation.

  • Design Thinking for Digital Transformation (in person training)

    Learn how to apply a human-centric five-step design methodology to enhancing an organization’s digital transformation and bring all teams together whether they are focused on technology or business to rally behind a shared vision about the organizations future.

  • Webinar: Digital transformation analysis: Elements of digital transformation, how consumer behavior has shifted and how do organizations adapt, current digital transformation trends.

  • AI for business leaders Nano-Degree By Udacity

    Equips business leaders and managers responsible for strategic decision making in the formulation and evaluation of proposals involving machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies that impact the transformation of business processes.

* Webinars: 60 minutes each.

*In Person Training: 2 days.

*Udacity Nano-Degree (optional): 8-12 Weeks online course work.

Our training programs experience


Costumed training plan

Work with our team to create a training plan that suite your institutional needs, we will help you to develop a plan and use it to track your employees’ progress towards your institutional goals.

Progress tracker

Stays on track to complete your executive programs with useful milestone reminders and a progress reports on all trainee achievements trough our easy on the eye dashboards.

Real-world experience sharing

Ground your knowledge through meeting, understanding and viewing real life accomplishments by industry relevant leaders.

Skill hub

Leverage the power of community through a simple yet powerful blog of our trainees and training experts.

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