Why learn with Oyoun Academy?

Identify your organizational needs and build a training plan tailored to empower your employees and achieve your organizational goals.

A. In person instruction

  • Digital Marketing.
  • Fintech.
  • Design Thinking and Problem solving.
  • Innovation Strategies, Change facilitation and leadership (personal coaching, team and personal process development).

B. Online course work in the fields of

  • AI.
  • Data Science.
  • Fintech.
  • Marketing.

C. Webinars

Webinars and experience sharing with Industry Leaders.


Start journey

How it works

  • Webinar: what is Fintech and how disruptive innovation is transforming financial services.

  • Digital transformation in financial services (In person training)

    Explore the digital transformation in the financial sector and learn about the conversion of products and services into digital goods.

  • Webinar: Fintech Trends and Applications.

  • Artificial Intelligence for Trading Nano-Degree By Udacity

    Gain quantitative skills needed to be extremely valuable across many functions, and in many roles at hedge funds, investment banks, and Fintech startups.

* Webinars: 60 minutes each.

*In Person Training: 2 days.

*Udacity Nano-Degree (optional): 8-12 Weeks online course work.

Our training programs experience


Costumed training plan

Work with our team to create a training plan that suite your institutional needs, we will help you to develop a plan and use it to track your employees’ progress towards your institutional goals.

Progress tracker

Stays on track to complete your executive programs with useful milestone reminders and a progress reports on all trainee achievements trough our easy on the eye dashboards.

Real-world experience sharing

Ground your knowledge through meeting, understanding and viewing real life accomplishments by industry relevant leaders.

Skill hub

Leverage the power of community through a simple yet powerful blog of our trainees and training experts.

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